Almost Lost

Call of Cthulhu / Delta Green - resources

Lost a site you simply loved?

Welcome to the past - 

A favorite site I visited some years ago was Anomalies by Kenneth Scroggins.

 The site is now adrift among the clouds, in corners seldom reached. Those years ago we´d say lost in the web, or on the web... The material can be found on other sites. But I want to collect those things I read back then, in one place.

Sadly, the links I tried to follow to put this together were dead ends. That´s when I decided to start this placeholder for things related to Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green. Things almost lost.The site now also holds things concerning other RPGs and computer games.

To start off, I´m adding bits and pieces of Emerald Hammer. As I go along, more bits from Anomalies will be added. This project is entitled A dream in Emerald and can be found in the news section / the blog.

/ Dave Syrinx